Security & Alarm Services

security and alarm services case study

Security & Alarm Services

A fortune 1000 manufacturing firm with over 25 locations wants to streamline its security and alarm contracts that have been entered to over several years for different locations and with different vendors.

Current State and Challenges

The Director of Operations wants to do an enterprise wide investigation and number crunching of all the locations, vendors and expense associated, however he is in the midst of taking care of a major compliance issue with State and also has two of his staff on medical leave. He also needs to prepare the budget for the next fiscal year by a fast approaching deadline.

OTP Process

OTP quickly audits the contracts in various locations and their associated expense by communicating directly with each vendor who services a specific location.


OTP creates the most suitable scope of work for each location based on actual requirements and reflects it in a RFP. After proper administration of the RFP, OTP presents the best two consolidated solutions with the best service level agreement and cost. OTP also assists in proper and most cost effective termination of existing contracts as the manufacturer transitions to the new consolidated but itemized contracts across the board. Net savings are estimated at $40,000 per year while the manufacturer enjoys upgrading all its systems and services at the lowest possible cost.

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