Case Study: Phone Systems, Phone and Internet Usage

Case Study: Phone Systems, Phone and Internet Usage

Case Study

A large insurance agency addresses their high cost of phone and Internet usage.


A large insurance agency is paying large amounts to run their daily telecommunication affairs. They are faced with a plethora of phone lines for their agents and a budget item that has gotten out of control.


An OTP senior partner does an inspection of their 3 locations to look for the efficiency of their current state. He has the analysts audit the invoices and usage of the phone and Internet over the last year. It is discovered that the agency has significant efficiency issues, paying for lines that haven’t been used in years along with the wrong technology for their needs. The pricing for the system and the internet also are found to be way more than they should be.


The OTP senior partner utilizing his expertise and influence with the vendors is able to provide an improved phone system technology that is appropriate for the agency’s needs. The needless lines are eliminated and the internet speed and bandwidth is improved. Currently the agency has the proper systems and plans in place and is paying 40% less than they were before.

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