Case Study: Equipment Leasing/Maintenance

Case Study: Equipment Leasing/Maintenance

Case Study

A large non-profit focuses in on lowering operations costs.


OTP analysis identifies many red flags in the current state of leasing and maintenance of copier machines.


The OTP specialists performed an audit of all existing copiers regarding cost and actual usage to determine if the current state was performing to the best possible efficiency. Our research found an array of inefficiency in technology solutions, maintenance service and pricing terms that were in the current contract. This resulted in the wasting of a significant amount of money to the IT department’s bottom line. The cost reduction team at OTP was able to focus in on eliminating poorly utilized machines that were racking up needless costs while configuring the proper solutions to move forward to obtain the best efficiency. With a total grasp of the proper needs OTP Specialist’s prepared an RFP that would institute a prudent roadmap designed to obtain bids for the benefit of the non-profit as opposed to the sales vendors.


The executives were extremely pleased with the slashing of 40% in expense on the new 5 year contract for this budget item. This was in their minds new found money that could be used for the many programs they provide for those in need.

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