About Us


OTP is a professional cost management and consulting company that provides auditing, analysis, assessment and recommendation of business technology and other operational spends for most mid to large size businesses.


We are uniquely positioned to serve our clients with utilizing the least amount of overhead/expense while providing them with the best expert analysis and cost saving recommendations. We engage our partners in negotiating the lowest margins and the best results to our clients’ bottom line while increasing their efficiency, reliability and productivity. Office Technology Partners fights for your bottom line and your 100% satisfaction is our number one priority. Since our fees are directly proportional to the amount of savings generated, there is an undeniable sharing of vision and alignment of goals which makes us the best possible advocate for our clients.

The three pillars that govern OTP are Integrity, Professionalism and the highest degree of Customer Service. Yes, we still live in a world where the “customer is always right.” Every customer, large or small, deserves and gets the same level of customer service, deliverables and performance from us.

Why Choose OTP As Your Strategic Business Partner?

We are professionals with an average tenure of 25 years in office technology industry and related fields with a strong history of success in achieving results. Here at Office Technology Partners you get the benefit of a low overhead with over a billion dollars in purchasing leverage through our strong relationships with our partners/vendors. This is where your bottom line matters and this is where you save and gain the most.


OTP’s expert team understands the trends, technologies and forces that will drive business success in today’s complex environment. Our winning formula is to achieve 100% satisfaction on any agreement negotiated. If we cannot save you any money then you will NOT pay us for any analysis and or audit services provided.

Our Results

We have been engaged in hundreds of projects with our clients and our results speak for themselves. Please review our testimonials page to read what our clients say about us. To date, Office Technology Partners (OTP) has saved its clients millions of dollars and has tremendously improved their workflow, operation and procurement of various products and services. OTP brings fortune 500 know how and purchasing power to its clients by engaging the very large network of partners and industry experts it has at its disposal.

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