Case Study: Records & Document Management

Case Study: Records & Document Management

Case Study

A large CPA firm lowers their costs by 44 percent over contract period.


Analysis reveals fees higher than the industry average. The firm faced significant costs for record storage and shredding. An analysis of recent invoices by records and information management experts at OTP revealed that fees were higher than the industry average. They were also faced with automatic contract renewals and unknown to the firm’s partners, low ranking employees were accustomed to signing off on new even more expensive contract extensions. The OTP specialist’s discoveries of 1) non-competitive pricing and terms 2) inefficient storage practices and 3) the company’s crack in the authorization process for new contract commitments brought a new level of awareness and accountability to the managing partners of the firm that they greatly appreciated. OTP evaluates factors in addition to the price. OTP’s detailed RFP solicited data on customer service commitments, compliance monitoring tools, performance capabilities, management reports and financial strength. OTP’s Specialists also performed a general check of the bidding suppliers’ facilities to verify fire protection and prevention, security and alarms, technical support and vault specifications. OTP also recommended the CPA firm to implement and establish a formal Record Retention Policy and embed the policy into record management software.


The pricing negotiated by OTP yielded significant savings and a new control of this budget item by firm’s managing partners.

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