Records & Document Management

records and document management

Records & Document Management

Large CPA Firm improves their cost of Document Management

Current State and Challenges

The Los Angeles based CPA firm faced significant costs for record storage and shredding. An analysis of recent invoices by records and information management experts at OTP revealed that the associated fees were higher than the industry average. They were also faced with automatic contract renewals and price hikes. OTP quickly discovered the following:

  1. non-competitive pricing and terms
  2. inefficient document request and return policy
  3. Lack of an oversight or process in document storage, archiving and retention policies

OTP Process

OTP is hired to evaluates and remedy all the factors mentioned above in addition to the overall cost. OTP creates a detailed scope of work and reviews/adds a good retention policy which are reflected in the RFP. OTP administers the RFP on behalf of client and recommends the best contract terms and conditions as well as the best cost to the client.


The client realized almost 40% in savings. The firm Identified and destroyed hundreds of boxes which did not follow the retention procedure. OTP modified the terms and conditions to the benefit of the client while improving the process of requesting, archiving and destroying files.

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