Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to Serve You

Office Technology Partners’ mission is to serve its clients’ best interest in securing, negotiating and obtaining the best possible outcome, solution and significant cost reduction.

How Does OTP Achieve its Mission?

Office Technology Partners (OTP) was formed by tenured and expert business professionals with decades of experiences in office technology and related industries. We specialize in final contract negotiations as well as streamlining product and services in several key spend categories. Since Office Technology Partners (OTP) offers contingent services and its fees are directly tied to the amount of savings generated, there is an undeniable sharing of vision and alignment of goals with all its clients.

Our Vision

To provide the ultimate solution, custom tailored to the exact needs and requirements of our clients in order for them to enjoy the optimum productivity/efficiency while realizing the maximum savings to their bottom lines.

Our Values

Office Technology Partners (OTP) values every aspect of its business model, approach and culture. The foundation of OTP is formed by integrity, professionalism and the highest levels of customer service.

Our Services

We have saved our clients millions of dollars and have improved their workflow, operation and procurement of various products and services. Read more…

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