Our Guarantee & Commitment To You


Full evaluation and Assessment of your current spend categories

We will gather information about your current expenditure and conduct a thorough audit and analysis to come up with the actual average monthly expenditure related to each spend category.

Professional survey and analysis of our findings, including past billing errors

We will crunch the numbers related to your spend categories, compare and contrast with similar organizations within the same field or industry and provide you our professional feedback and findings.

Expert opinion whether or not savings can be realized

After conducting our full audit/analysis and search for a better solution for you, we will provide you our full finding and recommendations regardless of whether or not savings were found. This is very important as you could potentially improve areas of your business and becoming more efficient as a result of it.

We guarantee substantial savings otherwise you don’t pay us

If after our process is complete, there are no savings to be had even tough your current infrastructure and efficiency has increased as a direct result of our efforts, you are under no obligation to pay us and it is solely up to your discretion to pay us a minimal fee if you choose.

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