“When we were building out our new program and performing arts center, Office Technology Partners was successful in negotiating better pricing on phone and data services and also some very expensive equipment. Now we have a state of the art facility and we didn’t have to compromise on quality. We will definitely use OTP again.”

Executive Director
A Place Called Home

“We were very pleased by the results and savings that were brought to us by Office Technology Partners. We engaged OTP to help us in several areas and were very happy with the significant amount of savings achieved on our behalf. Their expertise and professionalism was noted and appreciated throughout the process and we highly recommend OTP services to other companies searching to get the best negotiated price.”

Office Manager
Beaumont Gitlin Tashjian

“Office Technology Partners has been an instrumental part of our cost restructuring efforts here at Homeboy Industries. Their expertise and hands on approach has allowed us to negotiate lower costs and increased service in many areas of our agency. In particular their knowledge of the procedures and practices in telecommunications facilitated an upgrade of our services while lowering our ongoing annuals costs. They are a great partner that I would (and have) highly recommend to others.”

Finance Executive
Homeboy Industries

“We have been working with Office Technology Partners for over a year now and they have assisted us with our office equipment as well as phone system. They were great in finding what our current needs were and what solution provided us the best fit. We continue to use Office Technology Partners on several other projects and recommend their services.”

Associate Director
St. Francis Center

“We have contracted Office Technology Partners for various projects over the past several years and they have come through with large savings for us. I appreciate their attention to detail and thorough project management. They found us savings in areas we didn’t think was possible. We recommend the services of Office Technology Partners without reservation.”

School Director
Chabad of the Valley

“We partnered with Office Technology Partners a little over two years ago and invited them to do a comprehensive audit and analysis of a number of our operational expenses. Office Technology Partners discovered several areas of improvement and were able to demonstrate their expertise in not only sourcing out the right solution but at a considerably lower cost. Office Technology Partners have delivered exceptional results for us so far and we are delighted to recommend doing business with them without reservation.”

Vice President of Administration
Children’s Institute Inc

“Office Technology Partners have helped our church save a significant amount of money and create efficiencies in several areas. We appreciate the great results they achieved for us and recommend their services.”

Pastor and Administrator
The Highlands Christian Fellowship

“Office Technology Partners took the hard work and headache out of securing new payroll and security vendors for YWCA. Office Technology Partners found answers to our questions quickly and provided the details we needed to make the right decision while helping us identify new and quality vendors we had not even considered!”

Executive Director
YWCA Santa Monica / Westside

“Office Technology Partners assisted us by making sure we obtained the proper equipment for our needs and helped negotiate the best deal possible. They also were great in following up and making sure we received everything as promised by our vendor.”

Director of Finance and Operations
Emek Hebrew Academy

“We engaged Office Technology Partners to help us with the entire process of analyzing our current expense, determining our current needs, generating a request for proposal, evaluating all the vendors’ responses and negotiating the best agreement for us at the lowest cost. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of expertise, accuracy of the analysis, delivery of recommendation and the amount of savings we realized. We are currently working with OTP on several ongoing projects because of the great results we achieved on the first project. We would recommend Office Technology Partners and the great service they provide to businesses in the area without reservation. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.”

Finance Executive
Casa Pacifica Center for Children & Families

“Retina Vitreous Associates Medical Group is one of the largest treatment centers for disease and disorder associated with the Retina, the vitreous and the macula. We went through an intensive search and evaluation of a viable vendor who could help us with our office technology needs. We chose Office technology Partners as a non biased expert in the field of office technology to help us with our needs and requirements.  I am pleased to say that Office Technology Partners not only saved us over 30% in our office equipment expenditure but also made sure we have the right technology and all our needs are satisfied. We are very pleased with our new office technology and the savings that we have realized as a direct effort of Office Technology Partners. We recommend the expertise and services of Office Technology Partners to any business in need of right sizing their office technology and realizing large savings.”

Chief Executive Officer
Retina Vitreous Associates Medical Group

“Gumbiner Savett, Inc., established in 1950, is one of the largest Accounting firms headquartered in Santa Monica, California.  Today the firm is home to over 100 staffers with clients from local, national and international arenas. However, GS continues to maintain the client focus of our founders and has not lost sight of the importance of being a friend and advisor, while upholding the ethics of the accounting profession. We engaged Office Technology Partners to assist with the streamlining and cost reduction projects related to our office technology and Telecom needs as well as to create a RFP catered to our exact needs and requirements.  We were very impressed with the process, professionalism and attention to detail by the Office Technology Partners’ staff and the Senior Partner who assisted us in every critical step in order to achieve an outstanding result in reducing our expenses.  It gives me great pleasure to recommend Office Technology Partners without any reservation for any or all of your cost reduction projects in the technology sector.”

Information Technology Manager
Gumbiner Savett Inc

“Office Technology Partners have been instrumental in recovering funds and reducing expenses for our organization and we are currently utilizing their expertise on several ongoing projects. We recommend Office Technology Partners and their services. Moreover, we value them as a Business Partner to our organization.”

Corporate Controller
Lotus Corporation

“Office Technology Partners has helped our school tremendously by reducing our expense related to several areas where we were overspending. They helped us streamline our technology with various vendors while lowering our cost. Their skills in identifying areas of concern and negotiating contracts are second to none. We recommend the services of Office Technology Partners without reservation.”

Director of Operations
Academy of Arts & Sciences

“We have achieved tremendous cost reduction and results by engaging Office Technology Partners on our cell phones, office equipment, office phones and internet bills. THANK YOU! Office Technology Partners for the great service you have provided to the Children Are Our Future.”

Executive Director
Children are Our Future

“Office Technology Partners were instrumental in assessment, evaluation and recommendation phases of our technology procurement process. We realized significant savings. We recommend Office Technology Partners.”

Managing Partner
Brinkman Portillo Ronk, APC

“It has been my pleasure to work with Office Technology Partners recently, as we sought to replace business machines for our office. Omar Rahmat’s expertise and experience throughout the process to select, then narrow and select the vendor(s) proved to be invaluable. Not only did Omar’s help and guidance lead us to the right product and company for us, but it did so at a significant discount from our previous vendor. I would recommend the services of Office Technology Partners without reservation.”

Vice President, Information Systems
Physicians Choice

“We recently completed a transaction with Office Technology Partners for a new generation Digital Copier Printer system to replace the 5 year old machine we had.  We were happy with the machine we had and probably would have kept it but Office Technology Partners found us a newer model by the same manufacturer for drastically less money.  We have dealt with Omar Rahmat for upgrading our office technology for over 10 years.  He’s efficient and well versed in office technology.  I would recommend doing business with him and his company, Office Technology Partners.”

Chief Executive Officer
Merchandise Support Services (MSS)

“Office Technology Partners has been instrumental in saving our university tens of thousands of dollars to date.  I have known the senior partner, Omar Rahmat for almost 13 years and can say that I have seldom come across an individual with his work ethic, professionalism and high standard of customer service.  Over the years whenever we needed him, he has been there and he has always looked after our best interest.  I believe Office Technology Partners can bring the highest levels of expertise to the table for any company in need of cost reduction while delivering the best technology and process possible.  I highly recommend doing business with Office Technology Partners.”

Director of Education
The Kings University

“Office Technology Partners is an upstanding company that demonstrates remarkable work ethic and commitment to the client. Through our association with Office Technology Partners, our highly successful, public charter school was able to save nearly $100,000 this school year. By analyzing our expenses, Office Technology Partners was able to reduce our spending and increase our efficiency which allows us to spend more money in the classrooms. Our students have benefited from this partnership, and we recommend Office Technology Partners to your organization.”

Executive Director
Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial Charter School

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