Case Study: Office supplies, printing services

Case Study: Office supplies, printing services

Case Study

A non-profit has large annual costs for office supplies and printing of brochures, gala invitations and flyers.


The CFO of a mid-size non-profit was concerned about the large budget item regarding office expenses.


After meeting with an OTP senior partner the CFO sees the value of allowing a review done on their behalf. The OTP expert uncovers that there are no formal purchasing guidelines in place. Different departments are purchasing outside printing services and office managers are buying supplies without any due diligence.


The OTP senior partners reviews all purchases for supplies and printings over the last 12 months and also their pending needs. He prepares a RFP for this year’s requirements and meets with the CFO and department heads to share the results. He has identified the proper vendors as he is able to reduce their costs dramatically. The non-profit is pleased to see a savings of 33% on this year’s supplies and printings needs. The CFO implements a new policy to put controls on all purchasing orders going forward.

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